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What’s Payhip and Why Is It So Powerful For Content Creators?

  • 1 min read

It’s an up-and-coming competitor to Gumroad.

In February 2022, a successful content creator friend told me about a platform called Payhip, which is an up-and-coming competitor to Gumroad.

To be honest, I didn’t know about this platform but what he shared with me sounded exciting.

He told me that content creators can sell…

  • digital products and services
  • online courses (a new feature they added in February 2022).

Well, especially finding the right tool to create a course can make all the difference.

Linda Locke signed up for The Online Course Lab I’ll run in September 2022 and has already created an AWESOME course on Payhip:

I was able to add all my lessons and tutorial videos in Payhip quickly and create a beautiful sales page with their store builder in record time.

Check out Linda’s Online Course about Getting Visible On Medium on Payhip👇:

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