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What’s The $100 Club and How To Join It?

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The so-called $100 Club is a club only 6–8% of Medium’s writers are in.

Meaning only a handful of writers earn $100 per month.

I made my way to the elite club in the summer of 2021 — without knowing that $100 is a magical threshold.

Back then I only had around 500 followers.

Yes, also with a small following, you can join the $100 club and earn a decent amount of money.

Within my over 16 months on Medium, I’ve learned everything I could about this amazing platform.

I truly believe you can get into the Club if you implement the right strategies NOW.

Here are my Top #3 tips to get into the $100 Club:

3 — Feed Medium’s algorithm with yummy stories

No one knows exactly how the algorithm works but one thing I know for sure is that consistency drives algorithms.

The more you show up and commit to the platform, the more luck will come your way.

Medium’s algorithm is hungry for consistency.


Show Medium’s algorithm that you truly love it and feed the algo with juicy articles on a regular basis.

The more you commit yourself to feed Medium’s algorithm, the better results you’ll see.

Hint: No worries. You don’t have to feed Medium’s algorithm with long form stories. You can feed it with yummy short form stories (150 words or less) too. In less than 30 minutes you can pump out juicy short form posts. Medium’s algorithm will reward you: you can get curated and earn up to $100 for 150 words.

2 — Amplify your stories

Amplify the signal of your content —help your content reach a significantly wider audience by sharing or republishing it on…

  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • NewsBreak
  • Vocal
  • Simily

Your content is the signal, and all other content is the noise.


Rise above the noise.

HINT: Medium’s CEO Ev Williams explicitly recommends sharing our Medium stories on Twitter.

1 — Engagement is a must

I see many writers who post and ghost.

That’s a no-go if you want to join the $100 Club.

Every comment can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Your goals should be to build community and find your audience.

Serve your audience with all that you have to offer — answer questions and mention them in your stories. Additionally, make sure to engage with others by reading, clapping, and highlighting their stories.


HINT: Have you ever heard about the special Let’s get the relational concept? Here’s all you need with examples:

This Quiz shows you how likely it is that you’ll join the $100 Club.

Although I’m not a fortune teller I created the New Medium Engagement Barometer Assessment Test.

made with Canva

This Quiz shows you how likely it is that you’ll join the $100 Club.

⚡I scored a 7 on the quiz. I’ll need to work on the others more. Don Sabado

⚡The Quiz format is spot on! I think I’m on my way to the $100 club. Candice Zakariya

⚡I can immediately see some elements to work on from these questions. Paul Walker

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