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What’s The Best Time To Publish On Medium?

  • 2 min read

Recently, Nicole Hilbig asked me:

I wonder if there is even the right time of day to post, so that it would be useful to schedule my articles.

It was a question in regard to one of the most overlooked but very useful features — Medium’s Scheduling Tool.

If you have an important long form article you want to self-publish, I would recommend…:

  • Over the past 7+ months, I’ve learned that Monday to Wednesday works very well.
  • Early in the week, preferably Monday morning tends to perform best you’ll have the whole week to build up momentum then.
  • I would avoid any day past Thursday, particularly weekends.
  • Not many people are on Medium at the weekend.

I would go to be experimenting and try different times and days.

What’s your experience regarding the best time to publish?

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