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What’s The ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Fashion Trend That‘s On Everyone’s Lips?

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Since I love romantic comedies, I love this viral trend.

I love romcoms.

I love cuddling on the couch on a date night and watching Something’s Gotta Give or It’s Complicated.

Well, Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep just know how to style.

That’s why there’s an emerging trend on TikTok.

It’s called the Coastal Grandmother Chic.

In essence, it looks like coming straight from your favorite rom-com.

TikTok influencer Lex Nicoleta coined this term for a specific aesthetic.

Let’s hear it from her:

Are you a coastal grandma too?

Lex Nicoleta explains:

A coastal grandma is everyone who “loves Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten and cozy interiors.”


I am definitely a coastal grandma and I’m proud of it!

This fashion trend speaks to me.

This season, it’s all about coastal living and effortless vibes.

I really love this because I live on a beautiful island called the German Hamptons.

I love my clothes to be chic, comfy, and comfortable.

It’s more than a fashion trend.

It’s an aspirational lifestyle.

The kind of lifestyle where “This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)” is playing in the background.

The fashion trend is all about these 3 C’s.

Chic, comfy, and comfortable.

Its key elements are:

  • earthy tones
  • linen
  • cashmere
  • and textured neutrals.

The good news is it’s not just for women.

Men can add this chic-ness to their wardrobe too.

Yes, you can look fabulous in this casual sophistication worldwide.

And… you don’t have to be a grandmother to be a coastal grandmother.

It definitely makes you smile and daydream about your next summer holiday.

Key Message: With the ‘coastal grandmother’ fashion trend you can add some casual sophistication to your wardrobe — no matter where you are. It’s chic, comfy, comfortable, and makes you daydream about your next beach trip.

Let’s gran together!

© Kristina God

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