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What’s the Fastest Way to Get the First 100 Followers On Medium (Without Gaming The System)?

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5 tips from a Medium Top Writer with 10K followers and about 3 years of experience writing on

On Quora, I got asked:

“What’s the fastest way to get the first 100 followers on Medium?”

Apparently, most new writers think the 100-followers threshold still exists.

Good news.

You don’t need 100 followers to get paid anymore.

Here are my 5 top tips as a Top Writer with about three years of experience writing on Medium:

1 — 🚀Write and publish your first 5–10 articles. You’re on Medium to write. So write, write, write at least 5–10 articles. When people come to your page they’ll see that you publish regularly and they can trust you. You’re not a bot with zero stories.

2 — 🚀Join Facebook Groups for Medium Writers and connect with others. Share your stories there and build relationships with other inspiring writers.

3 — 🚀Let’s get relational: Medium is a relational platform. It’s all about relating to others. Clapping, commenting, and mentioning others is key.

4 — 🚀Follow other writers but don’t try to game the system. Follow-for-follow or the follow-unfollow game will be punished.

5 — 🚀Fill out your Bio and About to share more about your expertise, and background and build a human connection. My tip: Don’t use a pen name. Use your real name and not a cat photo but a photo that shows your face.

BONUS tip:

Dare to self-publish your content!

For more, check out my weekly tutorials on YouTube:

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