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What’s The ‘Happiness Sweet Spot’ Of Our Lives?

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Our 30s?

The reason why children are so valued is that they live in the very moment.

As adults, we imagine all the future opportunities they have.

It seems as if every life path is open to our little ones.

When my toddler wakes up in the morning he says:

Digger! Digger! Diggaaa!(It’s Bagger in German.)

This means he wants to go outside and hunt for diggers.

Yellow ones, green ones or red ones.

He just has fun outside. He smiles and waves at the construction workers.

I really admire him for enjoying every moment of his life.

His grandparents too.

Because as adults we’re over-thinking our lives, our day.

We have plans, to-do lists are piling up, we need to do the laundry…

I wonder:

What’s the sweet spot of our lives in regard to happiness?

Is it really our 30s?

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