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What’s The Most Common Form Of Theft In America?

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You could be a victim without knowing it

It comes in many forms.

Oftentimes it’s not easy to spot.

You might not even realize it until someone tells you you’re a victim.

What do you consider to be the largest form of theft in America?

You might think of burglaries, home invasions, or auto thefts.


✅It’s “wage theft” and you could be a victim too.✅

It means that you don’t receive a benefit you’ve earned.

Benefit= pay, access to meals, rest break, compensation.

Now that you know about this form of theft and you suspect to be a victim of it… you’re in good company.

I once was a victim of wage theft too.

1 in 5 employees wants to quit. #1 reason is, of course, pay!

They don’t feel compensated correctly for their valuable work

Read the story:


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