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When Is the Optimal Time to Introduce a Paid Subscription on Substack?

  • 2 min read

You don’t need to have a huge subs base

When I shared how I grew my Substack from zero to 1,000 subscribers, Paul Walker asked me:

“Do you have an intention to introduce a paid subscription and, if so, at what point would you say is the optimum time or subs?”

I answered when I reach 2,000 + subscribers and have a concrete concept of what I’ll offer my paid subscribers.

Well, I already crossed the 2,000 mark…

…but honestly don’t have a good concept of what to offer my premium subscribers.

Of course, I could just make some posts paid-subscriber-only newsletter issues… but I want to offer them more than that.

So I have to think about it.

Karen Cherry has everything figured out already. She’s about to hit 2,000 subs and has already 112 paying subscribers.

She shared with me that she went paid after six months when she had around 800 subscribers.

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