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When Seeking Inspiration On Social Media Makes You Feel Depressed

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This mind shift can help.

Yes, social media is a great source of inspiration.

Nevertheless, oftentimes we scroll mindlessly through various feeds.

We lose focus.

Oftentimes we find ourselves comparing our work and ourselves to other creatives.

This sucks.

Instead of feeling inspired, we feel depressed when we check the vanity metrics (claps, followers, likes, comments) of others.

We feel worthless, not good enough and we stop creating new original content.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Mindset shifts are what move the needle.

❌You need to STOP!❌

Stop the bad karma and do this instead:

  • create more than you consume
  • ✅stay focused
  • ✅spend the majority of your time working on your writing
  • ✅think of all the tens of thousands of writers who feel the same — be different and keep the momentum going
  • connect with others and collaborate

More about online rivalry:

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