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When The Crying On The Floor Is All Done…

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stand up and get back to work.

Every aspiring writer wants to write full-time.

As NYT bestselling author and inspirational speaker Mel Robbins states:

Life gets its hands on us.

Meaning, life is full of challenges, hardship, and compromises.

Part-time writing isn’t all about unicorns and butterflies. It’s dang hard.

There’s a lot of juggling and trade-offs.

I know some creatives whose success has cost them ‘everything’.

Their relationship, their family, their full-time job, their health…

Am I willing to do it?


If you choose to burn all bridges and relationships just to be successful, it’s dangerous.

If you want to write, just write — but don’t put everything at stake to do it.

Sometimes it’s smart to just accept you’re a part-time writer.

Stop crying and complaining.

Stand up and get back to your work.

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