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Who Is Michelle Teheux?

  • 2 min read

She’s an awesome Medium writer with a big heart and a strong opinion.

I bet you already came across Michelle Teheux on Medium.

She’s an absolute powerhouse of personal memoirs, anecdotes, and opinion pieces and she’s rocking it on Medium.

Multiple of her stories got Boosted and her engagement rates are WOW-worthy!

But who is Michelle?

Fellow Medium writer Michelle is from Illinois.

Her social blog on Medium is all over the place.

She’s a former newspaper editor who’s looking for new ways to report on the world.

Michelle has been married for 17 years to a great Dutch man who gets her writing and with whom she lives a fairly simple but blessed lifestyle.

Moreover, she has two grown kids (a boy and a girl) from her first marriage and two darling grandchildren.

And get this: Michelle crushed it on Medium by making an astonishing $1,300 in just one month !🎯💰

Want to know Michelle better and learn from her?

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