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Who Is The Richest American Self-Made Woman?

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… and how did she become so wealthy?

She’s leading the Forbes Rich List.

Here’s some perspective: Taylor Swift’s net worth is only 5% of that of Diane Hendricks.

Hendricks has a net worth of $15 billion today

That’s pretty wealthy, isn’t it?

But how did Diane become the richest American self-made woman?

She once worked as a Playboy bunny to make ends meet and feed her family.

At 17 she already had a child and after the divorce became a single mom.

When she was 22 years old, she met Ken Hendricks, a roofing contractor.

They married in 1976. In three years, the newlyweds bought 200 run-down houses, repaired them, and began renting them to college students.

Diane and Kenneth Hendricks founded ABC Supply in 1982, making it the largest distributor of roofing products in the US.

ABC Supply has grown to over 800 sites in 49 states under her guidance.

That’s a remarkable development!

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