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Who Published The First Ever Medium Post?

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And when?

Medium was officially launched in August 2012.

However, there’s a post called Barrel of a Gun that was published on July 31, 2012.

Around two weeks before the blogging platform Medium was officially launched by Ev Williams.

Now you might wonder:

Who was this writer who published the first ever Medium post in 2012?

Here’s the quick answer:

It was Medium member Jason Stirman.

Back then, Jason was an employee at Medium.

Fast forward to today, he is Product R&D at mega brand Facebook.

And what type of story is Barrel of a Gun?

It’s a personal anecdote from 15-year-old Jason who was almost shot by a gun.

I learned that survival instincts are powerful and funny. I casually pushed a gun away from my face while smiling. Who does that?

Here’s the first Medium post ever:

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