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Who’s on Medium in 2024? Take The Quiz!

  • 1 min read

Most writers don’t have a clue about Medium.

Often we *think* we know the platform but soon realize we don’t.

I’m not talking about all those changes that Medium ships every quarter. I’m talking about Medium’s demographics.

To kick off the year I dug deep into the stats and data I could find on the web about Medium.

You know me, I love to share everything I learn with you, so I created a video on YouTube.

So let’s play a little game to see if you’re a Medium pro and know who’s on Medium in 2024. Take a moment to answer these questions (in the comments). You can then go to YouTube and get the answers:

  • Are the more men or women on Medium?
  • How many users does Medium have?
  • How many paid subscribers will the platform reach in 2024?
  • What’s the most popular topic?
  • What’s the top publication?

Get ALL the answers here:


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