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Who’s The Writer Who Made You Come To Medium?

  • 2 min read

Although Medium sunsetted its Referral Program. People still remember because of whom they joined the platform.

My husband recommended Medium to me.

He heard about it from Gary V.

I bet you also remember who recommended Medium to you.

So although Medium sunsetted its Referral Program everyone has a story to tell WHY he joined the program. It’s the people that make us join!

“Shannon Ashley is the writer who made me want to come to Medium. I had three free stories per month, and I’d use them up immediately reading her work. As soon as I finally joined the platform, I discovered Jessica Wildfire, and I began reading everything she posted”, shared Michelle Teheux with me.

Shannon and Jessica don’t write on Medium anymore.

“Now, Medium has thousands of writers, and it will survive just fine without any one of them. But I know I am not the only person who really misses reading the work of those two writers.”

Who made you join Medium?

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