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Why a Digital Course Could Significantly Change Your Future

  • 1 min read

and could pay your bills.

Most online writers are looking for recurring income.

Unfortunately, when you write on Medium you never know how much money you’ll make next month.

There’s no fixed monthly income you can expect.

Especially in a recession, a few extra dollars are priceless!

Recently, I heard from a creator this statement which really got me thinking:

I know there’s a recession about to happen…but guess what? I’ve decided to not take part in it.

First, this sounded a bit arrogant to me.

But then he explained what he meant.

When you have a side hustle and earn some extra cash this can REALLY help you pay the bills.

Every dollar counts!

One way which could significantly change your future is to create an online course by republishing your Medium content on Skillshare.

Here you can learn how:

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