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Why Are My Earnings So High?

  • 2 min read

Followed by “Why are my earnings down?”

I allow my subscribers to reply to my stories when they land in their inbox.

The #1 question I get asked is:

“Kristina, why are my earnings so low?”

The other day, I received a variation of it.

“Why are my earnings so high for 100 views?”

I love all those emails and questions because they inspire me to write all those meta stories (stories about the platform Medium and how people feel about it, what’s hot and new).

Other questions are:

“How can I earn more money on Medium?”

“What are 1,000 claps worth?”

“Should I quit?”

I bet you have a thousand more questions.

To say it to date, I recommend checking out my Medium publication “Online Writing and Blogging made easy”.

As the title suggests, I help you navigate Medium’s ecosystem and I cheer you on every step of your way — especially on days you feel down.

Plus, I keep you posted when Reddit goes public, Bluesky isn’t invited only anymore, a Nazi scandal hits Substack, or if and how I earn $$$$ with my online writing business.

Make sure to subscribe to “Online Writing and Blogging made easy”. I’m the only publisher but I will soon allow guest posts!

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