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Why “Chip Girl” Went Viral

  • 1 min read

Her hand is only a key.

Her TikTok video has taken TikTok by storm and gone wildly viral.

The so-called “Chip Girl” has a microchip implant in the back of her hand.

Her husband chipped her like a pet and she likes it.


It means “never having to carry or worry about losing her key.”

The chip serves as a key to the couple’s mansion and “Chip Girl” loves to show what she can do with it.

She can unlock doors, closets, drawers, and storage areas just by touching them.

By showing what she can do with her hand, “Chip Girl” garnered more than 3 million followers.

In the future, she’d love it if the chip could also store her credit card information.

Her hubby has already an advanced RFID chip implanted with social media accounts and websites.

Would a chip implant be an option for you and if so, for what purpose?

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