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Why Did Medium Delete My Followers?

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If you lose lots of followers all at once… that’s pretty scary.

All Medium writers have an eagle eye on how many followers they’ve got.

If you lose lots of followers all at once… that’s pretty scary.

It happened to several writers within the last past weeks and it freaked them out.

Do you want to know what happened?

It’s all your fault!

You are personally responsible for this.

At least, that’s what most writers think.

Calm down. You’re *maybe* not the problem.

If you see a noticeable decrease in your follower count it’s most likely that Medium does a massive purge of fake and spam followers.

On a regular basis, Medium verifies the legitimacy of Medium accounts as well as actions such as follow-for-follow or follow-unfollow.

It affects absolutely everyone. It’s not a personal attack on your profile!

You’re in good company when you lose followers.

It simply means Medium removed spam accounts from your profile!

Some accounts lost thousands of followers in seconds overnight.

Let me give you some examples of follower-killing sprees:

  • Last summer, Illumination (one of Medium’s biggest publications) lost 63K followers overnight in one single purge.
  • Top Writer Tom Kuegler lost several thousand followers this year.
  • Heck, even Better Marketing by Medium CEO Tony Stubblebine lost several thousand followers in 2022.

Medium wants to make sure all numbers are right.

Did you know you could also purchase followers on Medium through a third-party service such as on Instagram or Facebook?

Since Medium wants to make sure all numbers are right, they terminate illegal, illegitimate fake, and spam accounts.

Killing sprees are super healthy for this platform.

This way, Medium only has a spam score of 1%!


Contact Medium, if you experience this.

On Medium, you have no control over your followers.

So when you see loads of new followers but no more views, better contact Medium.

This could be a sign that Medium is being attacked by spam accounts.

Bottom Line

You’re getting followers, you’re losing followers. That’s a life of an online writer.

However, at the end of the day, remember:

If Medium is *deleting* followers from your account that’s because those followers don’t mean anything to your account!

They are useless and not wanted by anyone.

Next time, don’t freak out when Medium terminates your followers and say (with a smile on your face)…

Hasta la vista, baby!

…as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say!

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