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Why Discipline Makes Today Hard, But Tomorrow Easier

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although it feels so unpleasant in the very moment

Today's topic might not be the sexiest.

But it’s essential.

If you say:

YES! I’m 100% in xy…

what do you need the most?

YES! Discipline.

  • I took ballet classes when I was 4.
  • I started playing the violin when I was 5.
  • I started playing tennis at 6.

Looking back, I can still remember that oftentimes I felt stuck.

I lacked discipline.

From one moment to the next I would stop preparing for my violin class or would skip tennis for meeting with my friends.

Apparently, I had some kind of rebellion in me.

Discipline wasn’t my friend.

The truth is, it’s sooooo easy to make excuses and so difficult to keep the writing hula hoop spinning.

Discipline feels unpleasant…


Discipline is a skill anyone can learn.

You don’t have to change your life overnight, but try to add good things to it each day — for instance, writing one short form post per day to keep the writing hula hoop spinning.

As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started writing short form stories and I never quit.

I studied journalism and although I’m now a manager and decided to keep writing on my own. This Medium blog is mine and I’m soooo proud of it.

I8 months ago, I’ve started writing and I’ve come so far.

I challenged myself with a 30-Day-Writing-Challenge which I failed… but I gained so much more:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there an area in your life in which you make excuses and put things off?
  • What’s one area where you’d like to be more disciplined?

When it’s in the area of writing consistently…

set the foundation now.

Start writing short form content and keep your writing hula hoop spinning.

It feels soooo rewarding to FINALLY be disciplined in an area you love.

Certainly, It's tough to stay disciplined.

I put in a lot of hard work in the evening and on the weekends to make this happen. As a working mom with a Tasmanian devil in the house and working for m side hustle in the evening it’s still pretty tough.

But I’m absolutely sure:

The hard work is a very short stint to enjoy a long time of the reward of

  • consistent online writing
  • growing an online business
  • gaining more freedom
  • earning some extra cash
  • gaining self-confidence in the area you love

My students utilized this strategy and challenge the rebel inside them.

Kylie van Gelder was thrilled with her unsuccessful 30-Day-Challenge

Candice Zakariya successfully completed her 5-Days-20 Short Form-Sprint-although there were days she didn’t feel like writing or simply couldn’t do it due to her Mommy duties.

Show up without excuses. This will take you far in 2022 and beyond! It’s not sexy but so worth it!

© Kristina God

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