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Why Does Jordan B. Peterson like To Involve Himself In Online Drama?

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Bad news is good news.

I’m sure you know the bestselling book:

12 Rules for Life

It has sold over 5 million copies.

It’s written by the controversial author and Canadian psychology professor, Dr. Jordan B Peterson.

Apparently, he likes to involve himself in online drama.

As we say in marketing, no news is bad news or bad news is good news.

Especially in the publishing industry, it’s all about publicity.

So, you can say whatever you like about him but in regard to marketing, he and the people behind him, know how to keep people talking about him.

Recently, he referred to the star of the Umbrella Company, Elliot Page, as Ellen Page.

The consequence?

He was suspended from Twitter!

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. He violated the terms. Linden Schneider commented.

What’s your opinion? Here’s the story:

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