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Why Effective Writing Should Be Conversational

  • 2 min read

That said, let’s talk.

As journalist and English professor Donald M. Murray once said, “Effective writing should be conversational.”

That said, let me show you how to talk when you write.

Here are my top tips from my time as a journalist:

1 — Ask relatable questions as conversation starters

Asking questions makes your readers feel like they’re in a conversation with you. It grabs their attention and makes them interested. It shows that you’re speaking to them, not just at them.

2 — Write short, crisp sentences

I learned from a colleague to use short sentences like a boxer uses quick jabs. But keep it interesting. Now and then, add a longer sentence like a strong punch.

3 — Make your content YOU-centric

I don’t know who you are or where you are, but I still want you to listen. How do I get you to pay attention? By making it all about “you.”

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