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Why Entering The Medium Writers Challenge Felt Scary

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and created anxiety

When I started writing my articles for the Medium Writers Challenge I soon realized that it felt really scary.

For the first time in my 7+ months writing journey, writing created anxiety.

My anxiety attacked me and told me I wasn’t good enough.

Normally, I’m a fearless writer. My motto is:

‘Follow the fun and see where it takes you.’

But this time my confidence hit a record low.

My anxiety attacked me and told me I wasn’t good enough. I felt stressed.

Feeling stressed shows you care

When I told my husband about it he said:

‘It’s a good thing. Feeling stressed just shows you care about the challenge.’

With this in mind, I pushed myself and entered the challenge. I didn’t want to let my anxiety win the game.

My learning: Entering a writing challenge is a big growth opportunity and can lead to the best story you can write at this very time.

While writing the first draft, I’ve found my own voice and listened to myself more carefully. By the end of the challenge, I saw things clearly.

The two stories I’ve submitted are pieces of my life. They’ve made me the person I am now. When I read the first comments I immediately felt seen and heard.


Don’t let your anxiety hold you back from the big goals you have.

Instead, try over and over again to push yourself through self-doubt and anxiety… and hit publish.

© Kristina God

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