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Why Google Faces Its Most Serious Antitrust Challenge Yet

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Google is too dominant and harmful.

Google is the number one search engine on the web.

Every day, the company gets bigger and bigger — despite being repeatedly accused by regulators of antitrust violations since 2017.

The antitrust law is all about protecting consumers.

On Tuesday, 24th January, the United States government filed its most significant case against Google.

This time it’s different.

Here’s what the US government is accusing Google of:

Publishers are paying 30 percent of their revenue to Google for every ad served.

That’s harmful to consumers.

“(…) a significant tax on struggling digital publishers. As a result, the government says, it was overcharged for $100 million in spending on online ads for federal agencies, including the Army.”

Additionally, regulators around the world think that Google has become too dominant.

They put a lot of pressure on the United States.

That’s why Google is facing its most serious antitrust challenge get.


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