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Why “Healthy Distances” Are So Important For Your Love Life

  • 1 min read

Let there be spaces in your togetherness.

This is difficult for so many partners to understand.

But since I became a mom things have changed dramatically — the relationship with my hubby as well as my relationship with myself.

In the past, I wanted to spend every free minute with my hubby.

Cuddle with him on the couch, go hiking, play board games, go to the gym, and watch a lot of Netflix series.

I’ve learned that once you’re parents, you have to allow each other space to enjoy different interests and activities.

To allow each other space to free your creative potential.

It’s more about self-fulfillment.

Once you have a baby you learn your time is limited and you have to choose wisely how to spend it.

I love spending time with my life companion, but I need time alone (to write) like I need oxygen.

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