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Why I Hate The Follow-Unfollow Game

  • 2 min read

… and what Medium is doing about it.

Do you also think you’re being played? Recently, I shared my insights about Medium’s purge of bots and fake accounts.

Today, I want to shed light on the real players on Medium. They are authentic, quality users’ BUT they are playing tricks on us. They play the common follow-unfollow game: Follow 100 people and maybe 30 will follow you back. Then unfollow them. Keep repeating until you reach your desired number of followers.

Luckily, Ev Williams has good news. Medium will…

(a)ccurately reflect(ing) your unfollow actions. (…) you can trust that your followers are authentic and engaged.

Moreover, if there’s an account you suspect of spam you can report it. Well, recently I got a funny comment regarding ‘penis enlargement.’ Of course, I reported the account. LOL. 😄

Here’s more about the latest updates:


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