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Why I’ll Stop Publishing With These Medium Publications

  • 1 min read

And you should too…

Carmen Ballesteros shared an ugly surprise.

One of Medium’s biggest publications makes money on the backs of poorly paid writers.

When I started writing on Medium two years back, I was thrilled to get accepted in several of their publications.

My best-performing piece made about $25 which was an awesome amount of money.

In addition, I liked that they republished my story with different featured images, on their website.

So if someone googled my name “Kristina God” their website would pop up.

It’s a credible website with a good look and feel

No spammy site.

However, Carmen brought to my attention that “The Good Men Project” isn’t that good at all.

In fact, they repurpose your story to make millions of dollars per month with your content on their website.


Every day they publish hundreds of new articles which Google likes.

I won’t publish with them again.

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