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Why Illumination Lost 63k Followers Overnight

  • 2 min read

… and I lost around 30.

A few days ago, Illumination by Dr. Mehmet Yildiz lost 63k followers overnight, reported S M Mamunur Rahman. Its follower count went down from 98K to only 35k. Also, writers such as Roz Warren stated that her follower count went down from 7.8k to 6.8k.

You may have experienced some of your followers went poof, too. Maybe you thought you did something wrong.

As far as I’m concerned, I thought it happened because I wrote about a taboo topic: sex drive and parenthood.

To my relief, I read a post by the Medium team regarding fake accounts and bots. They announced fake accounts would be tossed overboard to…

gain a more accurate sense of your audience size now that follower counts only contain authentic, quality users‘

Here’s more about the latest 4 Medium updates:

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