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Why I’m A Huge Fan Of Writing Online

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and having a powerful side hustle.

My mission is to empower women.

I want to help female writers to pursue and achieve their dreams.

How and Why?

By writing online.

  • Because my side hustle allows me to earn some extra cash with what I’m really passionate about — writing.
  • Moreover, I love the dopamine kick when I hit publish — without waiting for an answer, asking my boss such as in the corporate world.
  • For the first time, it’s all about me. My personal brand. People fall in love with my writing and my personality. That’s a huge motivation boost.
  • The immediate feedback with comments and claps is adorable. It makes me smile whenever I log into Medium.
  • And the connection with everyone around the world from Alaska, Australia, or China is incredible.

This post is inspired by Medium’s question: Why do you write online?

Here are more reasons for women to write online:

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