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Why I’m Going Away From Writing

  • 1 min read

I just have to do it

As online writers, we are slaves to algorithms.

I know that my stats will go down.

I know that I won’t be able to respond to every comment or question I get.

However, I just have to do it.

I won’t remember my stats 5 years from now. But I want to remember this special chapter of my life.

So, I will be going away from writing.

Fear not! I batch-created and scheduled a couple of stories so you’ll still see some of my content on Medium or on Substack.

The best ideas come from living, you know.

After I gave birth to my first child, I started writing on Medium and shared my thoughts about motherhood with the world.

Now I’m pregnant with my second child and on maternity leave.

Becoming a mother opens our eyes to a world we will never know about until we experience it.

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