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Why Is Everyone Buzzing About Substack?

  • 2 min read

Many Medium writers are joining Substack these days

Substack is in everybody’s mouth.

But why is everyone buzzing about Substack and is it really worthwhile?

I tell my students to think of Substack as your digital coffee shop.

You can sit down, drink a coffee, put pen to paper, and then hit publish.

This digital coffee shop is a newsletter platform and a blog.

It’s a place where your emails don’t just go to inboxes but also get flaunted like blog posts.

The price tag for this coffee house experience?

If you’re a writer not charging for your newsletter, it’s on the house.

Even if you want to make bucks from your subscribers, Substack only takes a little slice of the cake — 10%.

10% is the same amount the e-commerce platform Gumroad takes.

Fair enough, right?

Oh, and you don’t get tangled in tech.

Check out my Substack newsletter and learn how to get started!

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