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Why It’s Smart To Be On Teachers Pay Teachers

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It’s the largest network of collective wisdom for educators.

Tara Tuchel was teaching full-time in a classroom in Minessota.

She knew that as a teacher her income was limited and each year her salary would just get up a set pay scale.

Although she wanted, there was nothing she could do to earn some extra cash.

Guess what she did?

Speech and language pathologist Tara Tuchel started creating materials and resources to help educators and parents of young children with autism.

Tara Tuchel’s website

Then she started selling them online on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)…

… and made $53,000 in 2022!

She just asked herself:

“What can I do differently?”

Well, she started a side hustle, created wonderful resources for other teachers, made an impact, and earned some good money on the side!

Tara Tuchel’s TpT store

Now she’s even thinking about going part-time.

What’s Teachers Pay Teachers?

Teachers Pay Teachers is a hugely popular marketplace where teachers share tools with other teachers around the world.

Although there are many free resources on the marketplace, it was originally created in 2006 by New York City public school teacher Paul Edelman to help teachers make some extra cash on the hard work they do every day in the classroom.

With over 5 million resources and 7 million teachers, Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is the largest network of collective wisdom for educators.

Back in 2019, Fast Company named Teachers Pay Teachers one of the top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world and awarded them the #1 spot for the education sector.

Today, More than 2 out of 3 teachers in America have used a resource on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How does Teachers Pay Teachers work?

  1. Create: Teachers create resources (worksheets, activities, lesson plans, projects) just like they do every day in the classroom.
  2. Brand: Teachers name their stores so that buyers can find them. Tara’s store is called “Autism Little Learners” because she provides helpful resources for autistic children.
  3. Freebie: Teachers upload their first resource to Teachers Pay Teachers. Keep in mind: Your first resource must be a freebie to introduce yourself to the community. Tara offers a PDF about distance learning, washing hands, wearing a mask, and many more.
  4. Pricing: The teacher sets the fair price. Keep in mind that most items are under ten dollars. One of Tara’s best-selling resources costs $8.
Tara Tuchel’s TpT store

Once you’ve done the above-mentioned steps, other teachers come to the marketplace and search for the resources they need, then they purchase and download them.

Sometimes taking the first baby step is all you need to start a profitable side hustle.

Just try it.

It’s a win-win.

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