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Why It’s Smart to Become a (Writing) Hoola Hooper

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Keep the writing hoola hoop going and (finally) see results with a 30-Day Challenge.

Ever tried hoola hooping?

Yep, I’m talking about that childhood pastime that got our hips swinging and our faces beaming.

Well, believe it or not, there’s a surprising analogy between the rhythmic motion of hoola hooping and the world of writing.

Stick with me, new writer; this is going to be a game-changer for your writing journey.

The Magic of the Hoola Hoop

When you first start hoola hooping, it might feel a tad awkward, maybe even challenging.

The trick?

Keep it going. Keep the momentum.

If you pause or become inconsistent, that hoop’s going to drop, right?

The same is absolutely true for writing.

Your ‘writing hoola hoop’ thrives on consistency. Stop writing, and the flow, the engagement, and the visibility — it all takes a nosedive.

Rise to the 30-Day Challenge

If you’re looking to truly see results, I’ve got a challenge that might just be your jam: Commit to a 30-Day Writing Spree.

That’s right.

For the next 30 days, keep that writing hoola hoop in motion.

Consistently pen down your thoughts, insights, or stories.

And here’s the fun part: many (new) writers are witnessing a surge in their reach and readership simply by publishing more often — without being Boosted!

Lawson Wallace shared with me:

photo credit: screenshot Lawson Wallace comment


2,5 Years Back, I also Experienced This!

I started my writing journey at the end of December 2020 with 147 views and $0.17.

photo credit: Screenshots stats page Kristina God

As a new mom, I started writing on a niche topic: parenting.

After three months on this inspiring platform, I started writing seriously and became… a writing hoola hooper. I wanted to take a 30-Day Challenge.

Unfortunately, I failed — due to my Mummy duties, and Mother’s Block.

Still, I managed to publish 24 articles, became one of the Top 1,000 writers on Medium, and received my first $500 cash bonus.

Moreover, I tripled my earnings, increased my views by 180%, and gained 200 new followers.

By October, I had around 30,000 views.

My earnings increased to around $500 by simply keeping my writing hoola hoop spinning!

photo credit: Screenshots stats page Kristina God

Every Article: A Golden Data Point

Remember, every piece of content you put out there is a precious data point.

It’s a chance for you to learn more about your readers, refine your style, and, most importantly, make an impact.

The more you write, the better your chances of being seen, resonating with someone, and making a difference.

Shake Hands with the Algorithm

And hey, let’s not forget Uncle Algorithm.

Platforms like Medium have algorithms that dance in favor of those who publish frequently.

So, not only are you refining your craft and connecting with your readers, but you’re also getting a friendly nudge from the back-end tech.

It’s like having an extra push to keep that hoola hoop spinning!

My Recommendation

Your writing journey is like a dance with your hoola hoop.

Sometimes it’s challenging, sometimes exhilarating, but it’s always rewarding if you keep the momentum.

Embrace the challenge, dive into the rhythm, and watch the magic unfold.

Remember: just like you wouldn’t let your hoola hoop drop, don’t let your pen (or keyboard) rest for too long.

Keep that writing hoola hoop spinning, new writer. The world needs your words. 🌍💫

If you’re ready for a 30 Day challenge share your articles on Twitter/X and tag me!

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