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Why It’s Smart To Create Your Own Awareness Day To Get Your Word Out About Your Topic

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Learn from a crazy real-life success story that even got press coverage.

She was broke and went from an unpaid side hustle to a 6-figure empire.

In an interview, the mother of 5 (!), Andrea Olsen, shared, that one of her keys to success was to create an Awareness Week around the topic she wanted to raise awareness for:

How to get your baby out of diapers at a very early age, using a special intuitive method to put him on the potty.

As a mom myself, I know that potty training is a huge part of a child’s development and growth. That’s what makes it so important.

Pick a week that makes sense!

Andrea helps parents to potty train their kids. By doing so she doesn’t only help other families but also the environment.

She saved 10,000 in diapers just in her family alone.

So for her “Go Diaper Free Week” she picked a week that made sense. April 25 to 30.

It’s the week after Earth Day.

Pick a week when nothing else is going on!

For anybody who wants to create his or her own Awareness Week or Day, it’s crucial to dig a bit deeper on the official Awareness Weeks website.

Official Awareness Days website

This website lists all of the important days such as ADHD Awareness Month.

Even crazy days such as National Donut Day.

It’s important to pick a day or week when nothing else is really going on.

Know WHY you create a special Day or Week!

Andrea Olsen started the “Go Diaper Free Week” to raise awareness for a method called “elimination communication” (E.T.).

With this simple method, anyone can train their kids to use the potty.

When Mompreneur Olsen realized there were too less people who knew about this intuitive method, she knew what to do and started a movement.

Know WHAT to offer on the Awareness Day or Week!

Andrea offered free Q&A sessions, webinars, and enrollments in her Go Diaper Free program.

Parents were thrilled to participate and learn more about her method.

They shared Andrea’s courses and books with other parents… and one day she even got interview offers from The New York Times, HuffPo, Daily Mail, and Parents.

The media were interested in her Awareness Week and wanted to cover her topic.

My tips.

With over 15 years of experience as a PR consultant and Marketing Manager, here are my final tips for you:

  • Take a look at the official Awareness Weeks website and check whether your topic is featured or not.
  • If it’s not, do your own Awareness Day or Week.

With a little luck, this will even attract the interest of relevant (local/online) media and get you free PR.

Plus, you can pitch your topic to one of Medium’s Top 10 Publications with your newly created news hook (your Awareness Day or Month)!

This way you can get the word out about it and create some *urgency* and *hype* around your (niche) topic.

I’m curious. Do you cover a specific topic that needs an Awareness Day or Month and why?

Learn more about the power of timely news hooks here:

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