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Why It’s Smart To Self-Publish And…

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start your own publication

A few weeks ago, Medium announced they want to support self-published authors to flourish without publications.

This is the way Medium wants it. All the winning entries of the Medium Writers Challenge were self-published too.

Therefore it’s smart to start a personal publication. This is a publication for your own personal use only.

Here are 4 benefits of self-publishing:

  1. You’re your own boss — you can publish whatever you want when you want it!
  2. Your article can get chosen for further distribution (CFFD) by Medium’s editors too.
  3. You can build an email list that can bring the engagement you have with your (small) follower base to the next level.
  4. You can leverage your follower base. The publication’s followers are yours as well.

What’s your take on self-publishing and/or your own publication?

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