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Why It’s Smart To Take Advantage Of The Halo Effect When Writing On Medium

  • 1 min read

Make the first impression count.

You may know this from the dating world:

The first impression that you have is crucial.

That’s the exact same thing when you get in touch with a writer online.

This first exposure to a writer is so heavily weighted.

It influences all future interactions.

In marketing that’s the so-called Halo Effect.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you need to make sure that those first touchpoints that someone could have with your brand are sexy and positive.

How to make the first touchpoints sexy and positive?

To get the relationship with new readers started, here’s what you need to do:

  • Pimp up your bio and About page
  • Make your texts scannable for mobile use
  • More white space, start a new paragraph every 3–5 lines
  • Dare to make your mess your message and share life experiences and vulnerable stories

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