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Why It’s Smart To Write Less (and Why That Makes People Following You)

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You don’t build authority by talking about a hundred different topics, but by focusing on a few core topics.

I totally get it. You want to keep your audience engaged and your content vibrant. You want to build trust and make people click on your stories

You want to make people actually read your stories and clap, comment, and highlight parts of the story.

Is this possible if you write in a specific niche and stick to it?

Is niching down a trap because you tend to repeat the same message over and over again?

I talked about this with top writer Sinem Guenel in my show on YouTube.

Here are some highlights from my interview with Sinem:

Sinem: I think building trust is what you do day by day, week by week, as long as somebody wants to hear from you.

For me, the number one tool or strategy is my newsletter. I can build trust on Medium by writing articles, or I can demonstrate my trust and authority in each article by mentioning in my introduction why I am writing this article, where my ideas or expertise is coming from, and why I’m a credible author.

But trust with a reader is not established in a few lines.

You can build trust in an article within a few lines, but the more important question is how do you get someone to subscribe to your newsletter to open most of your emails to click on your links, and that’s just a long, long-term game.

It’s about how consistently do you show up? And when I say consistently, I don’t mean every day or every two days. It’s just, are you away for months and people forget who you are, or do you keep coming back into their inboxes, keep delivering the same message, but in different ways?

The truth is you don’t build authority by talking about a hundred different topics, but by focusing on a few core topics and consistently delivering value.

Delivering new ideas, new perspectives and new useful information to your audience. Sometimes there are those peaks where you have a viral article or an email that has a significantly higher open rate or click rate. Those might be milestones. But that’s not what you’re aiming for.

You keep doing it over and over again.

You keep sending hundreds of emails over a period of a couple of years. And that’s how people get used to you. That’s how you really built trust and authority, within that small sub-section and small group on the internet. And you kind of build your own little corner on the internet, your own writing empire (…)

Keep coming back to your core messages.

A lot of new writers, especially are like: is my audience not going to get bored if I say the same things or similar things or I don’t want to stick to a niche because I think it’s going to be boring for my audience.

And I read this thing where there was a comparison between your favorite musician like imagine you go to a concert by someone whose music you’ve been enjoying for a long time and they just launched a new album. Sure, you like the new songs, but you really also want to hear the old songs that you’ve been hearing for a really long time.

What you can learn from Justin Bieber

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There’s this synergy and it’s similar for you as a content creator. You need those new hits. You need fresh ideas. But also there is this core idea, this core message that you do want to be repeating over and over again. I don’t know if this sounds stupid, but it totally resonated with me.

I went to a Justin Bieber concert at a festival last year and I didn’t know most of his new songs. But I really enjoyed the baby song. Because when that song came out I was like, I don’t know, 14 or something like that. It was like in my teenage girl vibe, enjoying the song.

Even if people have been following you for a long time, they like to hear that you repeat the message, because that’s why they are following you.

That’s why they like to hear from you.”

Do you also have a core message you’re repeating over and over again or a niche you’re writing about?

Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s learn from each other.

To listen to the full interview with Sinem and Zulie, click here:

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