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Why It’s Smart To Write On HubPages

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And earn up to $500 extra cash per month.

Recently I read a comment by Barbara Radisavljevic where she mentioned ‘HubPages’:

I’ve been there since 2009.

I haven’t posted anything new for at least two years but I still make more residual income per month than I do on a month posting once a week on Medium.

And that’s with no networking. You earn from Google traffic.

In fact, HubPages is one of the most popular online publishing platforms on the internet and has a strong reputation.

Some writers even report earnings between $100 and $500 per month.

On HubPages you can…

  • create a mini blog
  • exercise your passion for writing online
  • showcase your work
  • earn money via Google Adsense, Affiliate links, Referrals, or the Ad Program — revenue-shares for ads placed on your blog page.

What do you think about HubPages? 🤔

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