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Why It’s Smart To Write on Simily

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It’s a new alternative to Medium, and you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

On Quora, there is one common question (potential) creators seem to be obsessed about:

WHERE should I be writing online to be successful?

One of my favorite online writers, Nicolas Cole, once said:

ANYWHERE. There are success stories on every platform.

In fact, many online writers and Top Writers on Medium claim it’s the golden era of content creators. I couldn’t agree more.

There has never been a better time to write online and get paid for it.

From my individual coaching sessions I know, there are lots of creators who explore blogging platforms and then look which suits them best.

There’s a new opportunity on the horizon.

Unfortunately, most new and aspiring writers have never heard of it before.

This blogging platform looks promising — for non-fiction as well as for fiction writers.

It’s called Simily.

10 reasons why it’s smart to write on Simily

Attractive young woman with laptop smiling in camera.
Computer photo created by diana.grytsku —

The old-school personal blog is dead.

As writers, we need blogging platforms.

These online writing communities help us to build and grow an audience.

They help us to get our stories out there for people to read.

Let me introduce a new one to you: Simily.

Spoiler alert: If you want to try it, I can provide you with a promo code where you get your first month for free.

(No affiliate links. In October 2021, I asked Simily for it a few months back to share it with my followers and friends.)

screenshot by Kristina God; Simily Homepage

10 reasons to join Simily now

  1. Medium is not fiction-friendly, to put it mildly. Good news for fiction writers such as Alicia Domínguez who haven’t found a proper space on other platforms yet: It’s heavily fiction-based! (It doesn’t allow erotica.)

2. They also take non-fiction stories and poetry (could be something for you Frank Larkin).

screenshot by Kristina God Website Simily

3. It has a crisp and clean look. It’s easy to write and submit stories.

screenshot Simily YouTube Tutorial

4. You can easily connect with writers outside of Simily if they have their social media information on their profile. This helps to build your audiences everywhere faster.

5. You can republish or crosspublish content from Medium on Simily.

6. Simily will pay authors $0.02 for every unique view their stories receive per month.

7. It’s a pay-to-read setup, like on Medium or Vocal.

8. There are a few free reads per month on the free tier.

9. If you want to try it out, you can use my code for friends(no affiliate link) to a free month of unlimited reading at Simily:


When you sign up enter the coupon code here:

Where to insert coupon code on Simily.
Enter the coupon code here when you sign up.

10. The fact they work with PayPal also allows writers from non-Stripe countries, such as Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles from India, to earn money.

10. Views correlate with monthly compensation.

# Unique Views per Month

Monthly Payout




To get a sense of the new platform Simily, check out this video:

Final Takeaways

freelancer happy in her appartement holding laptop
Technology photo created by lookstudio —

I came across the new blogging platform Simily in the third quarter of 2021 and signed up.

Since then Simily has grown rapidly and even had a server crash because of the high amount of uploads.

Burk calls this new platform:

the closest thing to a potential Medium rival out there.

It looks promising.

It looks like Simily has a lot of potentials.

Why not be an early bird, submit, do the legwork to build an audience, and see what happens?

As new Medium writer Andy Spears stated:

I’m also interested in both reading and writing fiction. So, I plan to check out Simily in 2022 and see how it goes.

What are you waiting for?

Use my code for friends NEWFRIENDS338 (free month of unlimited reading), and get a sense of Simily.

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