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Why Many Great Writers Are Leaving Medium Right Now

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… but might come back at some point in the future

Medium’s new changes bug a lot of people.

The new earnings calculation, Boost system, and Partner Program changes are a pain in the butt for a lot of writers.

When I published part 3 of my Boost series on Substack, several writers were giving me a hard time.

But they were right.

Most writers are struggling right now.

Even writers who have grown a huge following from 15K to 50K+.

For instance, Top Writer Tom Kuegler recently finally announced he’ll leave the platform.

Last year, he already announced he would quit with a big BANG. Stating…

Medium turned into Reddit.


It’s dead.

I’m tired of pretending it’s not dead.

Then he stayed and even opened his publication for new writers and submissions again.

This year he announced he’ll finally throw in the towel because he’d be sick and tired of Medium.

Here’s more about Tom’s opinion:

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