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Why Many Medium Members Are In Pain — Me Too

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It’s really painful and de-motivating

On Medium, you can build a following in an instant.

But you can also lose them again.

There are followers I’ve been constantly interacting with over the last two years… and it’s a shame to lose track of them.

It does feel like a lot of people I’ve interacted with are no longer on Medium.

They quit writing on Medium.

I bet you also know someone who has left the platform or you just haven’t heard from.

That’s a shame, but it’s part of every social media platform, even if Medium is different.

People come here to read engaging personal stories, get tips and tricks to become better writers and human beings, improve their programming skills, or share their own thoughts and feelings with the world.

But often their expectations do not correspond to reality

They feel buyer’s remorse.

They regret becoming a member of Medium and paying $5 per month.

This is the reason why Medium loses a lot of members.

You can see this in your Audience Growth Stats.

Starting in October 2022, I also experienced it.

I lost more referred members than I won.

See it for yourself:

photo credit: Kristina God

In June, although I lost 3 referred members I also got 5… so for the first time in months, I got at least +2 new referrals.

However, I once had 33 and now I only got 24.

I know there are many writers who have zero to no referred members but I really did a lot to get them.

My content triangle since last autumn consists of Medium — Substack — YouTube.

On every platform, I recommend a Medium membership simply because I think it’s the best blogging platform on the internet right now and I’m using Medium every single day.

I’m sharing YouTube tutorials about Medium and many more.

However, something has changed since last autumn. A lot of other fellow writers see a decline in their referred member stats and feel de-motivated.

I can relate. I bet you too.

We can’t do anything about it.

We’re not the platform.

We can make people join but we can’t make them stay.

It’s multifaceted. Primarily, Medium’s content has to be better. Medium is working on this by Boosting high-quality stories now.

Then there are others.

Especially people writing about programming, sharing personal stories, and how to make money online have a great referred member base and get a recurring income of $100 USD+ per month.

The highest I’ve seen in a screenshot was $450 passive income from referrals. Insane!

Bottom Line

Don’t get disheartened. Although it’s frustrating keep on keeping on and share your referral link.

I don’t share it as often as I used to because I expect more money when I get a new subscriber to my Substack newsletter, but I still keep sharing it, especially on my other socials such as Twitter, YouTube, and Substack.

It’s always super sad to see a member go but it’s also a nice motivation kick if you win one!

For more about buyer’s remorse and my suggestions, check out this story:

**If you like my meta posts and stories about being a working mom and creating part-time on the internet, why not become a Medium member and join this awesome platform?

It’s a great place to read, write and connect!**

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