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Why Many Writers Can’t Quit Medium

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Somehow, they feel forced to stay on this platform

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of stories of fellow writers such as Jenny Alexander or Robert Ralph who feel de-motivated.

They are thinking about quitting Medium.


  • They are losing referred members.
  • Views are down.
  • Earnings are low.
  • Fewer comments or responses.

Why are they still writing on Medium?

“I have considered quitting Medium more than once but owning a publication myself makes it harder to do.” Jenny shared.

“If I did not own those publications, I might not be writing on Medium today, but my loyalty keeps me on this platform for now.” Rob mentioned.

What could make editors such as Jenny and Rob stay?

Last year, Medium announced to pay publication owners and editors for their efforts.

I know that a lot of publication owners and editors are waiting for this promise to become a reality.

Apparently, some get already paid though — the 50 official Boost Curators.

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