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Why Mastodon Sucks — My Honest Opinion

  • 2 min read

At first, it looked intriguing.

Mastodon just isn’t for me although Medium hopped on the train and started posting on this platform.

First, I was excited because Mastodon is a startup from Berlin.

Since I’m German, I wanted to check it out, give it a try and make others join the platform too.

It looked intriguing.

So, in spring, I wrote several stories about the platform and a lot of people followed my lead and created a profile.

Medium makes this super simple… so why not?

Mastodon doesn’t have a complex ranking algorithm based on popularity or virality as others have.

If you ask me. It’s a bit awkward to use and clunky. It’s not smooth to join and interact.

The whole way instances and accounts work is less simple than other platforms such as Twitter.

My husband Patrick God sums it up:

“Mastodon reminds me of the chaotic early days of the interwebs.”

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