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Why Medium Beats Writing On Your Own Blog

  • 1 min read

Google cares.

Together with my husband, I once owned a blog in a little corner of the internet.

I blogged every day for a while.

From time to time somebody visited our site but… we were missing feedback, we wanted to know if what we were writing is having the intended impact.

Oh and we didn’t earn a single penny!

At some point, we started wondering whether blogging was worth it.

Medium is many things for me.

Besides having the possibility to earn an extra income, I can…

  • grow my online presence
  • get feedback
  • can try new things
  • sell my courses
  • connect with the community

Medium has a Domain Authority of 95. Facebook or Amazon also score 95.

Back then, our blog had a Domain Authority of 1.

This meant: Google didn’t care about us.

When you write on Medium Google cares!

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