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Why Medium’s Boost Nominators Aren’t Gatekeepers in a Bad Way

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Although some writers wonder whether Medium needs them and the new Boost Program

Some say — as a content mill with all of its content — needs curation and curators.

Others say it doesn’t.

With its new Boost Program in beta, Medium picked more than 60 writers from the community.

These folks are passionate subject matter experts in a specific niche.

Medium is Just a Small Company

Since Medium is a small company with only 80 employees, those Nominators help Medium to curate the best stories on Medium.

This way, Medium’s own human Curation Team isn’t the primary gatekeeper anymore.

It’s the Nominators and their Boost-eligible publications that search Medium for high-quality, human stories in the first place.

In regard to publishing your own book, I like to think of Nominators as employees at a book publishing company who can help you to get published.

Those Nominators aren’t Gatekeepers in a Bad Way

Their job is to solve a problem for Medium members:

“I can’t consume anywhere near all this content. I trust your vibe/taste and subject matter expertise. Tell me what I should be reading right now based on my interests!”

I think this is an interesting concept, right?

Just like that, Medium’s Curation team isn’t the main gatekeeper anymore.

This might come from a modesty where Medium as a company with 80 people and just a small percentage in the Curation Team just knows that it doesn’t have all the answers.

There are smarter people in the Medium community who write about specific topics on a regular basis and publish stories in their publications.

Medium = Beacon of Answers

Apparently, Medium’s leadership knows Medium isn’t having all the answers but wants to be a beacon of answers on the internet.

So within the last past months, Ariel Meadow Stallings, Director of Publisher Growth, tried to figure out who those Community Curators could be.

On the waitlist are 500+ writers holding their breath waiting for Ariel to open the gates for them as well.

In My Opinion, these Nominators…

  • should be people you would really associate with content about a specific topic.
  • should have an audience that likes the same stuff
  • should be people we trust and have super respect for their opinion and writing as well as highly value their recommendations.

If they say:

“Here’s something to check out and read!”

… you should feel like:

“Oh, awesome. Let’s give it a read!”.

With their 60+ (soon 100) Boost Nominators Medium has already found people who are great recommenders.

At least from Medium’s perspective.

How are you feeling about Medium’s Boost Program? Do you trust the vibes of the Boost Nominators?

P.S. — My recommendation: This interview with Thomas Smith, one of Medium’s official Boost Nominators, gives you a behind-the-scenes look:

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