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Why Quora’s New Passive Income Model Could Make Sean Kernan A Millionaire

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and the oil baron of the online writing community

The other day, I read a controversial post by Adam Hoxha.

As you can see below, Adam drafted a Quora profile picture of one of Medium’s most compelling storytellers and superstars — Sean Kernan with 63k followers.

It shows Sean, alias Homer Simpson, as a rich guy with a golden crown and colored diamonds.

In comparison, here you can see Seans true Quora profile:

screenshot by Kristina God

As you can see, Sean, alias the ‘Son of Quora’, is a superstar on Quora too — with around 300k followers and over 5k answers and questions.

In fact, his online writing journey started on Quora in 2016.

His answers proved so popular that he quickly notched up millions of views, and he (…) moved into billions of views.

Not even writers like John Grisham or J.K. Rowling could claim that many views of their content. David Majister

In 2019 he quit his job as a financial analyst to become a full-time writer.

What you need to know about Quora

As Nicolas Cole recently stated: ‘It is, without question, the most underutilized writing platform on the Internet.’

In fact, Quora is:

  • the largest online writing community on the internet.
  • theoretically the platform with the most revenue potential for creators.
  • 10x the size of Medium. Whereas it’s estimated that Medium has around 30 million users. Quora has around 300 million.

If you still aren’t writing on Quora in 2022, you’re missing out.

Nicolas Cole

$$$ — Big upgrades on Quora

There’s a broad shift happening all across the major content creation platforms — especially on Quora.

Recently the platform officially launched its new monetization features similar to the Medium Partner Program.

It’s a big deal for experienced writers and it could make Sean a millionaire. Keep on reading to find out why.

Let me give you some background information:

  • A few weeks ago, similar to Medium’s Partner Program, Quora announced that creators can enroll their content on the so-called ‘Quora+’-program.
  • If you’re interested in earning money on Quora writers can choose to put their answers behind Quora’s paywall.
  • Only users who are paying $5/month or $50/year subscription to Quora will have access to your answers.

Here you can find further information about the Quora + Program.

In the past, Quora made all its money off creators

As you can see below, Sean already started using Quora + for several selected answers. I think this is really great.

screenshot by Kristina God

In the past, Quora made all its money off creators. They chose not to share any of their revenues.

Here’s how the trade-off looked like:

  • Sean, as the creator/writer, got massively free reach and built an audience.
  • Quora could sell ads.

Somehow, this was exploitative, wasn’t it?

It has taken Sean 5 hard years writing every single day to get finally paid real money for his incredible work — and that’s awesome.

Why I think Sean should become a millionaire

I follow Sean on Quora.

  • I love that he’s not just answering questions. He’s telling unique stories.
  • He has answered hundreds of questions in diverse categories and has given high-value answers — for free.
  • He’s smart and has turned his Quora answers into Medium stories too in order to make some money.

In regard to the last point, you have to keep in mind that even the most successful writers on Medium don’t make more than $10,000 per month.

This means Top Writers such as Sean are barely earning $100,000 per year.

If you keep in mind that Quora has the most revenue potential for creators and is 10x the size of Medium… Sean could make one million dollars per year now (10x $100,000).

© Kristina God

What do you think? Will Sean become a millionaire thanks to Quora+?

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