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Why Wasn’t I Accepted Into the Medium Partner Program?

  • 2 min read

You need to know which countries are supported in the Program

On Quora, I got asked:

Why was my partner program rejected 2 times? I applied from Pakistan.

Here’s my short and sweet answer:

First of all, to apply for the Medium Partner Program (MPP) you need to have 100 followers.

Second, Medium can only accept you if you’re from a Stripe country. Unfortunately, Stripe isn’t available in Pakistan.

Besides opening a bank account in a country that is eligible to receive Stripe payments from all around the world, my tip is to activate Medium’s tipping feature.

Activate your tipping feature

If you activate it, at the bottom of every story your audience will see a tipping button.

You can link this tipping button to your Buy Me A Coffee, Kofi, Patreon account, or any other platform that allows payments to Pakistan/your country.

You haven’t activated your tipping feature yet? Here’s what you need to do — it’s super easy:

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