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Why You Need Good Writing Karma To Succeed On Medium

  • 7 min read

$$$ — nothing happens without a reason

Have you ever heard of writing karma?

‘Writing Karma’ is a term I’ve coined to describe

‘Whatever happens to your online writing business over the upcoming months depends on a chain of events that occurred in the past; are under development now and will take place sooner or later.’

We all have writing karma and whatever happens in the online writing world usually happens for a reason. Whatever you do now will impact your online writing business at some point in the future — positively or negatively.

Especially good writing karma can help you to boost your online writing career. Let me show you why, how and give you an example.

The concept of writing karma

Karma in general and writing karma in particular is a fascinating concept. One writer’s fate depends on the ability to behave honorably now to create a bright future.

But what would you say if you applied this law to the business of online writing?

In my opinion, there are 2 constants:

#1 It’s too bad, but not everything we do (online) produces results.

#2 When you obtain strong results you must have done something right in the first place.

I wondered why I was earning only a few pennies

At the beginning of my writing journey, I was busy writing, doing my thing, and working in a silo. My online writing business evolved, but not in the way it could have evolved.

I started my writing journey with 147 views and $0.17 and wondered why I was earning only a few pennies. You could say I was experiencing the #1 constant of life: ‘1)Not everything we do produces results.’

One day it struck me, maybe nothing happened because nothing was done to provoke results? And that was the moment when the idea of ‘writing karma’ was born.

How to build good writing karma

In April I started focusing my attention on a couple of priorities.

  1. Write, write, write — I wanted to build a writing habit — I succeeded thanks to my passion for short form posts.
  2. 30 Day Challenge — I wanted to challenge myself and write 30 pieces in 30 days —Unfortunately, I failed.
  3. Helping others — I wanted to relate to other writer’s work — I succeeded and made friends with wonderful writers on this platform

In regard to good writing karma, I want to be a bit more specific about the latter point: Helping others.

Helping others to build an online community.

Carlos Garbiras and Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg) introduced me to the ‘Let’s get relational’ movement.

The bottom line: Medium, as a social media platform, is all about relationships. Ev Williams calls it ‘relational’.

  1. It’s about the relationship one has with oneself.
  2. It’s about ‘relating’ to interesting other writers on Medium.

Success depends on how we interact with each other

Our underrated superpower is collaborating with others and ‘getting relational’ instead of putting ourselves in the center of everything.

As a team, we can do so much more and help each other. Kristina God

The ‘Let’s get relational’ idea is all about your audience. I’m always happy to help other fellow writers — especially newbies and emerging writers.

  • Did you know that the articles on Medium that are suggested to you in your feed are a result of the writers and publications you follow?
  • If I clap or comment on an article of yours, then your reach expands as well. Because for my followers, your article could also be relevant and is therefore more likely to be recommended.
  • If I tag you in my articles this is beneficial regarding the algorithm of Medium as well. The algorithm classifies the relational tag as a sign that you and your stories inspired me to write my article.

Here you can find my lessons learned and hands-on examples to take action in regard to the ‘Let’s get relational’ idea:

My latest example of good karma

A few days ago I discovered a new publication on Medium called ‘New Writers Welcome’ (a designated space for new writers) by Robert Ralph and its co-editors PrudenceC and Diya Saini.

I especially love this statement by Robert:

‘I am convinced nine out of ten people can write a good article when they have direction and support’

I couldn’t agree more. So I thought I definitely have to share this news with my audience in order to help newbies, inform emerging writers and promote the new pub for Ralph and his team.

I wrote this piece for ILLUMINATION by Dr Mehmet Yildiz and his team:

In regard to the ‘Let’s get relational’ movement, I forgot to tag new writer friends in my short, 2 min article( I was pretty tired since my baby was teething and crying all night long).

Nevertheless, within a few hours and days, I saw strong results. My post gained traction.

It made $10 (to date), received 700 views and 1k+ claps. That’s pretty nice for a short, 2 min read.

screenshot by Kristina God

The most important thing for me was Robert’s positive reaction.

screenshot by Kristina God

He also mentioned me in his weekly newsletter.

There were many positive comments such as from Amy Syed

screenshot by Kristina God

Or Elena Cooper.

The bottom line

  • Thanks to all these nice comments, tags, and links my views climbed up to 9k+.
  • I received more comments than usual on my articles and my follower base increased within a few days from 1k to 1.2k.

Moreover, Robert’s follower base grew from 161 followers to 354 followers. Additionally, ‘New Writers Welcome’ is now just over 16 000 views and over 11,200 reads.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, nothing happens without a reason.

Good writing karma can definitely help you boost your career on Medium. I love helping others, sharing my experiences, lessons learned, and Medium tips and tricks.

People know me for my short form posts. People follow me because they know I put a lot of positive energy into my writing. I don't work in a silo as I used to in the early days of my writing journey.

Helping others is a very good way to move forward.

As I said in the introduction: It’s all about good writing karma.

Whatever you do now will impact your online writing career at some point in the future — positively or negatively.

What you get in a couple of months depends on what you build now!

Start now. Help others. Support other writer’s work. We’re #strongertogether.

© Kristina God

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