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Why You See A Drop In Earnings In 2022 Compared To 2022

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and how I almost doubled my income compared to last year

In my feed, I see a lot of writers complaining about their low earnings.

“My Earnings Took A Nose Dip Of 50%”

“65% Less Income Than Last Year”

As far as I’m concerned, I could write a story about how I almost doubled my income compared to last year.

But let’s first talk about why you see a drop in your earnings…

Short answer from a marketing perspective:

Everybody had time to consume in 2021.

As the world has started to open, people don’t have as much time!

They are more thoughtful about their time.

Why do I see a rise in my earnings?

I jumped from $500 to around $1,000 monthly income.

I grew my email list, promoted my stories whenever I could and helped others succeed.

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