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Why You See Top Writers Depart For Other Opportunities

  • 1 min read

…and then celebrate their comeback

First Top Writer Tom Kuegler said really nasty things about (and made a lot of people quit reading and writing here)

Then he came back writing to Medium.

You won’t believe how often he’s publishing.

On a daily basis.

To be honest, a lot of writers admired him but can’t trust this writer anymore.

Maybe it would have been better to stop writing, shut up about why and then simply start writing again.

But there are others too besides Kuegler:

  • Nicolas Cole stopped and then came back.
  • Matt Lillywhite was searching for greener pastures and then came back, apologizing.

I bet you agree on:

To err is human.

However, I also bet that Cole and Kuegler know more about Medium’s plans for the future (or got compensated for coming back to their motherland).

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